Social Media in Language Education


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Notes for the SMiLE Project

School of Language, Literature and Communication, University of Brighton

UoB Learning and Teaching Fellowship 2009


SMiLE, you know it’s good for you - presentation at From spark to flame (UoB Learning and Teaching Conference, 10 Jul 2009)


How can we make use of these social media platforms in our learning and teaching?

Blogs and wikis

Blogs and wikis: Blogs - Wikis


Images and sounds

Using media: Images - Audio - Video - Presentations; Creating - Editing - Posting - Using


Online media: storage and sharing

Storage and sharing: Flickr - YouTube - - Scribd


Online meetings and classes

Online meetings: Wiziq - Skype - Elluminate


Virtual Learning Environments

VLEs: Blackboard - Moodle


Social networks

Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Ning


Virtual Worlds

Second Life: How real is Second Life? - Second Life - why bother - Second Life in Action - La Veleta


SMiLEing across the world

SMiLEing: Using Social Media in Language Education - New environments - new channels of communication - Links



Events: Current, Forthcoming, Regular and Recent


University of Brighton

elearning at UoB: Virtual Learning Environment: Studentcentral (Blackboard) - Social space: Community@Brighton (Elgg)


SMiLE team

SMiLErs: Personal pages - Suggestions for activities: Speaking activities - Writing activities - What next?


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