Skills for Wikis

Developing skills for Wiki authoring

Many of the skills you need for Wiki authoring - eg, editing text - are similar to those you need for blogging. However, there are some features specific to wikis, and each wiki platform handles some of these features in its own way. These notes deal in particular with PBworks; other wiki platforms will work in a largely similar way, but watch out for the differences.



In PBworks:


Link to another page

Link to a newly created page


You can now start working on the new page


Link to an existing page

A good exercise to do at this point is to link back from your new page to your earlier one.


Link to an external page

First, collect the URL (web address) of the page you wish to link to - see the procedure outlined in the section on Linking on the Skills for blogging page


Then, in PBworks,


Including media

Annoyingly, PBworks does not have an Image button in its editing toolbar. In order to include an image you must follow one of these procedures:


Upload an image to PBworks

in the right-hand panel, under Insert links, Click on the Images and files tab

Click on Upload files

navigate to where your image is stored, and Select it


Link to an image that has been uploaded to PBworks

Click at the point in your text where you wish to insert the image

in the Images and files tab (right-hand panel), Click on the image file-name (you may have to scroll down to find it)


Link to an image on the web

find its web location, and collect its URL (see the note on this from the xxx page)

in the Images and files tab (right-hand panel), scroll down to the bottom of the list, and Click on Insert image from url

Paste in the URL for the image (which you Copied earlier)