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What next

Page history last edited by Michael Shade 12 years, 8 months ago

How can we incorporate some of these ideas into our courses? Use this page to list and develop suggestions.


NB: if you wish to contribute to this page - or any other on this wiki - please contact Michael Shade to request Editing permission.


Ideas ideas ideas


Please jot your ideas and suggestions here.


  1. Create a bank of listening materials for various levels
  2. Create a social network on Ning for SMiLE



I have created a Development Folder where we can expand on these ideas; so far I've set up pages for Audio and Video.


1) I have this idea for a blog but I don't know the answer to some questions.

Q 1: How can I make a blog interactive? I would like the subject of a blog set by me i.e. Nick, to be able to respond to questions requested by readers/listeners.

Q 2: Is there a way for Nick to access the blog I am working on?

Q 3: Do all participants need to be have access to the university site?




A: Once we have set up Community Groups for each module, I think you could:

i) in the Group's Community Blog, you Post a new entry

ii) in Access Restrictions for that Entry, choose Public

iii) people outside the UoB will then be able to read that Entry, and all Comments on it - and hopefully they will be able to Comment themselves , although I haven't tested this yet

iv) I'll check whether we can allow a named individual from outside UoB to contribute to a Group - I've checked and we can have this set up quite easily



2) These are the areas I would like to concentrate on for the academic year 2008/2009


1) a blog for foundation and elementary (not entirely sure how I would use them!)

2) select suitable audio material from 'Audiria' for Elementary to complement the text book

3) carry on using learning material within student central to communicate with students on a weekly basis regarding homework: giving intructions, sending files, creating links...

4) The area I would like to explore is to be able to do my own recordings for the students to listen to and also I would like the students to be able to do their own recordings.

5) the possibilities of using Voice Thread teachers and students alike!!!



- Add blog in SC




Comments (3)

Pilar Teran said

at 4:15 pm on Jul 22, 2008

hello Michael
I have just enjoyed listening to Manu Chao from the Audio and Video you have set up, great! I need to spend more time reading your intructions. I have been to Maria's this morning, playing with recornding! and I am going to the shop to buy a microphone!!!

Pilar Teran said

at 5:26 pm on Jul 24, 2008

Hola Michael
Could you please let me know if I am sending my comments to the right place!!! I still have problems identifying this!!!
I have done some recordings since my session with Maria on Monday using 'Audacity' and my new microphone £3.47 from Tesco!!! I have managed to export it as MP3 and save it. My next step was to send it as attacment by e-mail to you and I managed to do it but then the university system stopped it(Access to the following potentially unsafe attachments has been blocked: prueba1.aup). Neither have I been able to listen to one of Maria's recordings which she sent to me by e-mail, this was the warning (Windows Media Player encountered a problem while downloading the file)
So I am a bit stuck!! any ideas!!

Michael Shade said

at 6:31 pm on Aug 18, 2008

Sorry for the delay - I've been away and haven't had proper internet access for a while. It's fine to use these comment areas to discuss issues relevant to the page. I'd love to hear your recordings - I wonder if you sent me the wrong version of the file - the error message mentions .aup, but you said you had converted them to .mp3 ??
In any case you can send them to my home email - you should see the address when you go to my profile (just click on my name at the start of this comment). The University is probably blocking certain types of file, maybe it doesn't recognise Audacity's .aup format - this could be a problem if we need to move them around from one person to another. One possibility could be to use the Upload Files function (top right of all pages on this wiki) - I'm not sure how this works, this could be the opportunity to find out!
I should be able to keep in contact from now on, so send me the file when you get the chance.

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